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6 Responsibility of Parents towards Children

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The Family is the first environment that determines a child's growth and development. Here, parents have a very crucial role. One thing that needs to be done is to fulfill the obligations of parents to their children. For example, in the aspect of health which includes physical and mental.

The obligations of parents to children are various things that must be done by parents to ensure the fulfillment of children's rights in various fields.

You have to make sure that your child's life is decent until they are able to support themselves.

Not only biological parents are to fulfill it. parents who decide to divorce and stepparents still need to meet the needs of children.

6 Responsibility of Parents towards Children

The responsibility of parents to children is not only limited to material problems, but also matters of a spiritual nature. The following are some examples of such obligations.

1. Shaping the child's personality

One of the obligations of parents to a newborn child is to shape his personality. Because, the family is the first environment that children know and that's where they will learn a lot about their own character.

For this reason, parents are required to instill good moral values ​​with good examples so that children can learn from an early age.

Parents are also obliged to ensure the emotional life of their children by creating a warm and loving family environment. Even if you and your partner are divorced , the relationship between parents and children should not be disturbed so that the emotional health of the child is maintained.

2. Teaching religious values

In addition to instilling positive moral values, the next responsibility of parents to children is to instill religious values ​​in children.

Simple things that can be done are taking children to places of worship, listening to religious lectures, and introducing children to the holy book from an early age.

3. Teach social values

Family social education is a very important basis for children to live socially. In this case, the obligation of parents to their children is to instill an attitude of mutual help, to help sick relatives or neighbors, not to make trouble, and to always maintain cleanliness.

4. Teach children to be independent

The rights and obligations of parents towards their next child is to teach them to be independent children.

There will be times when parents cannot help their children in certain situations. By becoming independent, children are expected to be able to overcome unexpected problems that they will face in life.

There are many ways to teach children to be independent, one of them is by giving them tasks at home that are appropriate for their age.

5. Helping children to be disciplined

One way to be a good and responsible parent is to help children learn discipline.

For example, when a child is addicted to watching television and does not want to do his homework. In this situation, parents are required to turn off the television and ask the child to do their homework.

Another example is when a child speaks harshly at home. You need to be firm and forbid your child to say harsh words, both inside and outside the home.

This parental obligation to their child requires you to make punishments and apply consequences that are suitable for your child.

6. Give the best effort for children

Being a parent is not an easy job. There are times when you are overwhelmed with grief and frustration from parenting at home.

Even so, trying the best for your little one is the responsibility of parents towards their children. If you really need help, talk to your partner or other family members who might be able to help.

In fact, in Indonesia, the obligations of parents towards their children have been regulated in Law Number 35 of 2014. The Law is an amendment to Law Number 23 of 2002 concerning Child Protection.

Article 26 of the Law states that the obligations of parents to children include four things, namely:

  • Nurturing, nurturing, protecting, and educating children
  • Providing character education and inculcating character values ​​in children.

In practice, the four points of parental obligations towards their children can be redefined into more technical matters, for example:

  • Provide a good place to live for children
  • Provide children with nutritious food/drinks and proper clothing
  • Protect children
  • Ensure the safety of children, including their belongings
  • Discipline children
  • Ensuring children's financial needs are met
  • Choosing the best form of education for children
  • Ensure that children are always healthy and take them to good health facilities.

When parents cannot fulfill their obligations to their children

There are several things that may prevent parents from fulfilling their obligations to their children, such as death, unknown whereabouts, and so on.

If this happens, then the fulfillment of children's rights must be carried out by the closest family, for example grandmother/grandfather or guardian and foster parents who meet the requirements according to the applicable law.

When parents decide to divorce, the obligations of the parents towards the child must be compromised with each other. Both parents who have separated still have to make sure the child is at least not short in terms of finances.

You should not carelessly visit children just with the excuse of meeting their needs, especially if there is a court decision that prohibits you from doing so.

All decisions must be discussed together with your ex-spouse and your current partner so that there is no conflict that will only harm the children.

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