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The Importance of the Role of Fathers for Children

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The Role of the father for the child is very important because the relationship between the two can have a profound impact on the child's development later in life. Not only in terms of emotional closeness, but the relationship between father and son will also affect in terms of language development, thinking skills, and physical and social-emotional conditions.

The Importance of the Role of Fathers for Children

The Father's role in the child's life

The role of the father may differ depending on the conditions of each family. The father who acts as a single parent certainly has a different role from the father figure in the whole family. However, there are some basic roles of a father for his child.

A paper published by the University of Florida reveals the basic role of fathers for children is divided into 5Ps, namely participator or problem-solver, playmate, principled guide, provider, and preparer.

1. Troubleshooter

The father's role for the first child is as a participant or problem solver. A father must be involved in his child's life and be present not only physically.

Fathers must also help children meet their social, emotional, and psychological needs by interacting directly. The father must take responsibility and make arrangements so that the child's needs can be met.

As a problem solver, Father is expected to be able to help solve various critical problems faced by families and can affect the welfare of children.

Fathers can show children how to make and implement decisions and direct the consequences of actions and decisions taken. This process trains children's independence, responsibility and ability to rely on themselves.

2. Playmates

The role of the father for the next child is as a playmate or playmate. Research shows that in general, fathers spend more time with their children engaging in high-energy physical play than when their children are with their mothers.

Physical play not only builds muscle and coordination for children but can also teach the rules that govern behavior. For example, how to play physically without hurting someone.

As a playmate, fathers can also be an encouragement, giving freedom and independence which are the main milestones for children's social and emotional growth. This activity is not only good for children's physical growth but can also be a way for fathers to invite children to talk and recognize their children's thoughts more deeply.

Research shows that children whose fathers are actively involved in parenting and often play with them have higher IQs and even better cognitive and language skills.

3. Guiding principle

The role of the father for the child as a guiding principle teaches:

  • Socially desirable behavior
  • The difference between right and wrong
  • Children to experience and understand the consequences of their behavior.

Fathers who are mentors to their children, not only maintain their authority but also use it effectively by maintaining healthy communication. Fathers listen first, then discuss together, before giving instructions to children.

Fathers and mothers also need to establish a guidance strategy for their children. Both need to agree on what rules and sanctions are applied to children. Parents must be united when disciplining their children and maintain a balance between correcting unacceptable behavior and encouraging good behavior.

4. Provider

Fathers as providers or providers play a role in ensuring the welfare of children from a moral and material perspective. Often the father is required to be a provider of material goods. In fact, the ability to provide moral support, protection, and care is also very important.

5. The person who prepares

The role of the father for the next child is as a preparer or person who prepares. A father must be able to help prepare his child to face the various challenges in life that he may face in the future.

Dads can give advice about education, work, friendships, or romantic relationships. The father can also help guide the child to ensure the child is successful in these areas.

Ways for fathers to be more involved in their children's development

Given the importance of the role of fathers for children, do not ignore this relationship. In fact, a father needs to try to be more involved in the child's development. There are several tips that can be done to build a bond between father and son, including:

1. Setting aside time

Always try to make time to spend with your child. The physical presence of a father is just as important for a child. By showing your child that you are present and reliable, your child will form a bond and build trust with you that will last into adulthood

2. Listening

To make your child feel better and closer to you, always talk to them and listen to them. Don't just always lecture children without trying to understand their point of view.

3. Be a positive role model

In accordance with the role of fathers for children that have been conveyed above, a principal guide must be a positive role model for their children. Because children learn a lot through observation and imitation.

4. Always respect the mother of the child

Whether you may be having a disagreement with your wife or have separated from your ex-wife, always respect the mother of your child. The way you treat their mother can have an impact on the father-daughter relationship both now and in the future.

5. Show affection

To make your child feel safe and protected, practice showing them love especially when you are with your little one.

6. Really present

To be able to carry out the role of a father for a child, of course, the first thing is that you must be present in his life. The presence of the father will always be needed by the child at any time. Try to always be present at important moments in their lives and spend time building quality relationships.

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