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7 Benefits of Rain Showers for Children

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Rainshower is one of the fun activities for children. On the other hand, parents often feel worried because this activity is considered to make children sick. However, did you know that playing in the rain has many benefits for children?

7 Benefits of Rain Showers for Children

If done properly, a rain shower can bring a number of benefits to children. 

1. Make children more physically active

The benefits of a rain shower make children move more.

Children who are more active playing in nature have been scientifically proven to have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI), better motor skills, and fewer sick days than children who just stay at home.

Children have to work extra to keep their balance in the rain because the surface becomes slippery. It can improve the coordination and gross motor skills of children.

2. Helps prevent and reduce sensory problems

Not a few children experience sensory problems. Playing outdoors or outdoors in various weather conditions can bring benefits to children's sensory development.

Letting your child play in the rain can also help prevent sensory problems. Some experts even refer to nature as the 'highest sensory experience'.

By playing in the rain, children's sensory experiences, such as hearing, sight, smell, and touch, can be improved.

3. Increase knowledge

The benefit of a rain shower is to increase knowledge. When taking a rain shower, children can explore nature more deeply. They may question where rainwater comes from, and why it rains.

In addition, children can also observe small animals that appear when it rains, such as worms or frogs. Children's knowledge about the surrounding environment can also increase.

4. Practice independence

Children can learn independent skills while playing in the rain. They may prepare themselves for what they want to bring, such as toys.

In addition, children can also try to open and store their own clothes before going out for a rain shower.

5. Increase creativity and imagination

Furthermore, the benefits of a rain shower are to increase children's creativity and imagination.

When children are raining, they may be able to use their imagination as their favorite cartoon character or create a story like their favorite movie. This of course feels fun for children.

6. Encourage social skills

The benefits of rain with other children can encourage their social skills. Children can interact more with their playmates.

While enjoying this fun moment, your child's social, communication, language, and cooperative skills can improve.

7. Mental endurance training

Mental resilience is one of the qualities possessed by successful people. Resilience is a combination of perseverance and desire, as well as the ability to adapt well in the face of adversity.

One way to train mental endurance is to be active in nature when the weather is not perfect. Playing in the rain can be a means of training mental endurance because it is full of challenging elements.

At what age can children play in the rain?

There are no specific rules regarding the age at which children can play in the rain. Reporting from The Express Tribune Pakistan, according to dr. Anita Zaidi (Chairman of Pediatrics and Child Health at Aga Khan University Hospital), children under the age of two can play in the rain.

However, it should not be more than an hour because it can cause a lot of body heat loss. So, when children play in the rain, make sure they don't get soaked in the rain for too long.

Not only age, the place where children play in the rain also needs to be considered. Don't let them play in the rain in a dangerous environment, for example on a road where there are lots of vehicles passing by so they are at risk of being hit.

Tips for safe showering in the rain

Parents often forbid their children to play in the rain. In fact, playing in the rain is not dangerous if you do it under direct raindrops and don't do it for too long.

To reduce the risk of health problems in children, here are some things you need to pay attention to.

1. Don't play in the rain during the plague season

Pain after playing in the rain is mostly caused by infection with germs that are transmitted from other people.

Therefore, do not allow children to play in the rain when there is an epidemic of certain disease season that occurs in your environment.

2. Make sure the condition of the child is healthy and prime

Before letting your child take a rain shower, make sure his condition is in good health and prime.

Do not let a child who is sick do it because it is feared that the child's condition may worsen due to low immunity.

3. Understand the risk of hypothermia in children

While there's no immediate danger from playing in the rain, doing it for too long can increase the risk of hypothermia or a drastic drop in body temperature in some children. Young children easily lose a lot of body heat.

This condition does not only occur when playing in the rain but when playing in water anywhere. Hypothermia causes the child's skin to turn pale and feel cold. Even the child's body shivered.

Therefore, children aged 2 years and under are advised not to play in the rain or play in the water for more than an hour.

4. Avoid playing in puddles

Playing in the rain and puddles of rain are two different things.

Children should not play in puddles of rainwater because they are more susceptible to infection with germs and are a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The puddles have been mixed with various impurities from the ground, even sewage water. Playing in puddles can risk causing viral and bacterial infections in children, such as cholera, bloody diarrhea, to skin infections.

5. Supervise the child in the rain

Hypothermia, flu, or various other risks of health problems may occur when children are exposed to rainwater for too long. However, you should not worry too much to stop the fun of playing in the rain.

Let the child play under your supervision, of course with the necessary precautions if a bad situation occurs.

It would be even better if you supervise or accompany them to play together in the rain.

6. Immediately remove the child's clothes

Don't let your child sit still soaking wet. If you have finished playing in the rain, immediately take off the child's clothes and give them a towel so they don't get cold.

Do not forget to prepare warm water for the child to bathe so that his body is more comfortable.

7. Warm the child's body

After the clothes are removed, bathe the child in warm water.

To restore their body temperature, you can put on warm clothes, apply eucalyptus oil, install a room heater, and serve warm food or drinks afterward so they don't catch a cold.

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