6 Popular Google Tools That Can Improve Your Blogging

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6 Popular Google Tools That Can Improve Your Blogging

Without using Google and its tools and services blogging is incomplete. Not only do Google tools provide you organic searches for your blog or are used for searching your query and images but there are many things that we don`t know about Google.

Even if you know about them, I am sure you would not have used them properly and effectively. Google tools and services for websites improve site performance and give you better knowledge about your own site.

Do you use Technorati, Alexa, or yahoo answer to choose your next article`s title? Do you use different websites like Hitstats, Statpress, etc., to record the visitors on your site?

Why go for millions of the sites when giant Google.com serves you all at one place. Yes, Google has a full drum of services, easy to use, and absolutely free. Let’s check it out.

 Six Evergreen Google Tools That Can Improve Your Blogging

1. Google Alerts

Does it sound new? Google alerts is a unique tool for bloggers which allows receiving the alert of the latest and popular topics and mailed to your email address.

Google Alerts monitors the web according to your query and keeps you update about that particular topic or query. It’s the best way to keep an eye on your competitors on the web related to your niche.

More Handy Features:

  • Google Alerts is a flexible tool as you can manage the number of emails per day, number of results, type of results such as news, blogs, Videos, Discussions, etc.
  • It is very easy to remove that alert.
  • You can create multiple alerts for different queries and topics.

How It Helps:

Suppose, you have just started blogging and chosen mobile phones as your niche for the blog. Now you have to update yourself every day because every day a new mobile phone is launched.

You may go to newspapers, mobile phone companies sites, and many other blogs. Why not just stick to Google alerts and get it all done? Just write “Latest Mobile phones” in Google Alert Search Query and forget about visiting hundred of blogs. This is the magic of Google tools.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends

Internet is used by many people worldwide and it’s quite possible what you are writing is not in trends and you will get good response.

Don’t blame your article, it’s all because you have not used Google Trends which keeps you update about what people are searching for and where it’s most searched. It is one of my favorite Google tools. Ah! Google Trends, my day is incomplete until I use this tool.

Few handy Features:

  • Easy To Use: It can be used by beginners and actually this is made for the new users who find difficulties in choosing a topic.
  • Hot Searches: You also get the hint of the top 10 queries of the day at the bottom of the Google trends which are fast rising and in trends.

How It Helps:

There are many uses of Google Trends; I use it mostly for getting an insight into the search queries. It helps me decide whether writing about it going to help me or not.

Suppose, I choose “Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra” as a topic and I searched for it to know whether it is in trend or not? See the Image below showing me the graph of the searches related to that.

3. Blog Search

Blog Search

Blog search is searching for a blog topic,  it will show you the latest blogs related to your search queries. Blog search displays a list of the latest post along with the time when it goes live.

How It Helps:

If you have finally chosen a topic to write on from the above tools, the next task is to get some related stuff. It’s never good to write like a lame writer. You will get some latest updates from other blogs as your knowledge will increase and you will be able to write more easily.

Blog Search is a nice tool for those who write about trending stuff and it gives you a hint of what to write and how to write. Don`t worry it’s not copying, you are just getting few hints.

4. Google Analytics

This tool is made for keeping a hold of your site visitors and posts which are mostly viewed, organic searches, direct traffic, etc. In short, it is the best tool to access the stats of your website.

If you are using blogger.com, then you can see the traffic of your blog within the dashboard but if you use WordPress, then analytics is a must. This tool is free but I don`t think there is any paid tool better than this one. I have explored many things about  Google analytics like

  • You can access the AdSense details for any particular website.
  • You can control AdWords with the help of Google analytics.
  • It can use to track the Speed of your website.

In the case of E-commerce sites, you can check stats related to that e.g. number of affiliate clicks, the number of transactions, time of purchase, etc.

If you want to know more about that you can follow the official analytics blog and you can set up your own analytics for the website.

How it helps:

You can visit Google Analytics to check the number of views and most read content of the blog. The location of the visitors and duration of reading on the site gives you an idea about how much your content is liked by the reader.

5. Google Search Central ( Google Webmasters)

Google Search Central or Search Console tool is also one of the essential  Google tools. Unlike, analytics this Google tool is used to record the number of pages indexed in web searches, site health, malware detections, HTML problems, Crawler access to your site, keyword position in search results.

The one thing that makes it unique is that it gives you, your site`s search impact due to the Google+ button. You can even sync the webmaster tool with analytics.

How it helps:

Webmaster gives me the report of the number of broken links and the number of URLs that are not found and already indexed. I get an insight into the number of backlinks along with the site where it is generated.

6. Google FeedBurner

Feeds are important in terms of generating handsome traffic and making the site reader-friendly. There are many sites that are generating most of the traffics from the feeds. It is one of the popular Google tools used for email subscriptions.

Google FeedBurner is a tool that burns your feed and gives users an option to read in various readers online as well as offline. Google FeedBurner also allows you to create an Email-Subscription for your website.

According to this, a user can get all the updates in his Inbox.  By using Google FeedBurner you can manage your subscriptions and can see the stats related to the subscriptions, Feed counts, etc.

How it helps you:

Email subscriptions are marked as an important element to increase the number of readers to the site. You must add a Subscription Form on your site (I recommend you to add that at the end of the post instead of the sidebar) and make some changes in the default form to make it attractive.

You can manage the Email Subscriptions settings under “Publicize> Email Subscriptions” in the Feedburner.

Another attractive thing about the Feedburner  Google tool is that you can show ads between the feeds to earn more from AdSense.See my feeds as an example.


This article though long but very useful for the bloggers who spend hours searching for a tool for analytics, sitemap insight, etc. I tried to add important Google tools to this post.

I recommend you to use them because it’s given by Google and with it, you are provided a bulk of information at the official site of each tool. You can even ask your queries at Google forums. You can also check another tool- DFP small business for ad management.

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