How To Make A Professional Free Blog Or Website?

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how to make a professional free blog or website

Blogging is the best way to earn money on the internet. Do you also want to create your own blog or want to create a free website so that you can also start making money online? So, let’s start to learn about how to make a professional free blog or website?

So today I am going to give you complete information on how to create a free blog website.

For your information before making a blog, tell you that there are many bloggers who started Blogging Part-Time, and today they earn so much from Blogging that they do not need to do any job.

Because there is no limit to earning money from Blogging, you can also earn millions of rupees, and Pritam Nagrale, Harsh Agrawal is the biggest example of this.

Pritam Nagrale has a famous blog Moneyconnexion and Harsh Agrawal has an award-winning blog ShoutMeLoud. They are ideal for many new bloggers.

How to make a professional free blog or website?

There are many platforms on the Internet to create free blogs and websites. I am going to tell you about those two platforms which are the most popular and reliable which you can make a free blog and professional blog website.

First of all, it is very important for you to know what is Blog and blogging and who is called Blogger.

So that you already have answers to many questions that come to your mind.

What is a blog and how does it work?

When you do a search in Google, you get to see a lot of results.  That information is written by people like me and you, called Blogger, which helps people by sharing their knowledge and earn money online.

Such as your search for “How to create a free blog or website?” And you get a lot of results, in which you get your answer. a blogger who writes the best post and does better search engine optimization, the post comes at the top.

As you know that it is very important to have knowledge of computer language to make a website or you have to pay for it to developers, but you can make a free blog without paying any money.

The blog is like a website and works exactly like a website and for this, you do not have to have knowledge of computer language. So let’s know how to make a free blog or website.

How to create a free blog and website Step by step guide?

 If you know how to use a computer and the internet a little, then it is very easy for you to create a free blog or website.

I am telling you about two ways from where you can start your blogging career by creating a free blog and website.

Blogger and WordPress is the most popular platform for making this free blog and website, today we will learn how to make a free blog on both these platforms.

How make a professional free blog or website on blogger?

How make a professional free blog or website on blogger?


This service is provided to you by Google because blogger is the product of Google itself. Which is most popular for making a free blog website?

Many big bloggers have started their blogging career with this, you can also start your blogging career by becoming your blog.

  1. First, go to
  2. Sign up with your Gmail account to create a blog or website.
  3. Now you see two options: Select the name of your blog and choose a URL for your blog and click to save button.


Write the title of your blog like if your blog address is, then write the blog title here is “example”.


Write the address of your blog, this is the address that people access your blog by searching in Google like

If the address you provided is available, you will see the message “This blog address is available”.


If you want to keep some kind of the theme of your blog, select it too, which you can also change later.

As soon as you click on Create Blog, your blog is ready.

 Now you can get it published by writing a blog post and then you can start making money by linking it with Google Adsense.

  How to make a professional free blog or website on WordPress?

How to make a professional free blog or website on WordPress?


WordPress gives two platforms to create a blog or website, one is Paid, for which you need Domain Name and Webhosting and the other is free, which you can make a free blog, so let’s know how to create a free blog on WordPress.

  1. At first, you need to go to and then click on sign up.
  2. After this, a form will open in front of you, after which you have to go through 4 steps, after choosing the blog or website name, category, and goal of your blog, click on the Continue button shown below.
  3. Now enter your blog or website address and select your Free blog or website address as your choice.
  4. After this, you have to select a free plan and click on Start with free.

Now enter the address of your Gmail account and click on the continue button, and just by creating a free blog on your WordPress, it is ready by following these steps, you can easily create your free blog and website.

But to create a professional blog or website, you have to take care of many things, so let’s know how to create a professional blog or website.

How to make Free Blog into a Professional Blog?

  1. First of all download the good Theme for your free blog.
  2. Make Blog’s Interface and Navigation Easy.
  3. Design logo and favicon for Blog.
  4. Add Social Sharing Button to Blog.
  5. Create Blog Post categories.
  6. Create an account for your blog or website on social media like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  7. Make important pages like About us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Contact us in your blog or website.
  8. Add a custom domain
  9. Approved with Google Adsense and place ads. So by this way, you can make your free blog or website professional.

Many bloggers don’t get approval from Google Adsense, therefore if you want to be easily approved by Google Adsense, then you need to make your free blog professional so that the readers who visit your blog can read your articles and you will get earnings.

Benefits of blogging by creating a blog

  1. The biggest advantage of blogging is that you become your own master.
  2. Google Adsense is the first way to earn money from blogging, so blogging means that you are working with the largest company in the world.
  3. You can do your work anywhere, no office or space is required for this.
  4. You can get more earnings than a normal job.
  5. By blogging, your knowledge increases a lot and you get to know a lot of things.
  6. Blogging can make you famous in the world of the Internet with money.
  7. You don’t need a lot of money to create a blog and start blogging.
  8. With blogging, you can develop your writing skills and become a content writer, and can work as a freelancer.
  9. You can earn money through blogging through various mediums like Google Adsense, Affiliates Marketing, Product Reviews, etc.
  10. Blogs offer the opportunity to earn money and help other people, which is very important.


So, friends, I think after reading this post completely you must have understood how you can create your own free blog or website and also what are the benefits of making a free blog.

I hope you liked this post, so share it with your friends. So that they can work by making a free blog and earn it and if you have any questions, then tell us in the comments.

Thank you.

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