What Is Web Hosting? Complete Information

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What Is Web Hosting Complete Information

What is web hosting? Many people have this question in their minds. Specialty for those who wanted to start blogging or want to make a website for business or any other purpose.

Because any work on the internet is possible only through the website, whether it is to get information, to shop online, to fill a form for a job, etc. many works are possible only through the website.

Two important things are required to build any website 1. Domain and 2. Hosting. Hosting is very important to build a website, but what is this Hosting Meaning? Why is hosting necessary to build a website and buy which hosting etc?

Today you are going to get the answers to all these questions in a very simple way and if you read this article completely, then there will be hardly any questions related to hosting in your mind.

Complete web hosting information

For those who are thinking of making a website, many different questions come to mind about Web Hosting.

Most people do not know much about hosting, because of this they choose the wrong hosting and their website does not rank properly on Google.

That is why we are going to give you complete information about what is hosting, as well as tell you about the top three web hosting so that you can choose the right hosting for your website.

Hosting Meaning- What does hosting mean?

In General hosting means, hosting someone and who welcomes the guest at home is host, in the same way, Web Hosting means hosting on the Internet.

If a user comes to use our website on the Internet, then we have to provide the best service, if he has come to get any information on our blog or website, then we should give good information so that he can be fully satisfied.

What is web hosting?

When we look at any website, we get to see a lot of text, photos, and videos in it, even its own website also has a coding file.

To get all this data on the internet, it is necessary to store it in such a place that any user can access this data through the internet and get that information.

In simple words, as your mobile has a memory card and the computer has ROM storage, similarly, Web Hosting gives you space and storage in which to provide space for text, photos, and videos to be put on your website.

If you want, you can make your own computer server and host the data of your website through the internet, but it is very difficult to do this and for this, we also need a lot of knowledge.

In addition, maintenance is also very much needed. The biggest problem in hosting a website from one’s own computer is that if your system is shut down then no user will be able to access your website.

There are many companies that host your website. They charge some money to host your website.

The servers of these companies are very powerful so that your site is never down and the user has no problem accessing your website.

How Web Hosting Works?

The job of web hosting is to bring our data on the internet so that any user can access our website and view our content.

To create any website, we have to connect the name of the website i.e. the domain name to the web hosting server which creates our website and gets the URL of the website.

To access any website, we need to know the URL of that website. The URL is the address of the website, when we enter the URL in a web browser the web browser being our website on the Internet searches.

Since the data of our website is present on the Internet due to Web Hosting, our website goes live on the web browser, and in this way Web Hosting works.

Types of Web Hosting

There are many types of websites on the internet and their work is also different, so all the websites do not require the same kind of hosting, but according to the website, hosting companies provide different types of hosting to them.

Web Hosting is also divided on the basis of their performance, rate, bandwidth, speed, etc. The main four Hosting on the Internet are very popular such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud Hosting.

But apart from all these types of hosting, hosting companies also provide web hosting of other types like – WordPress hosting, Reseller Hosting, Woocommerce Hosting, etc.

In order to create a website or blog, you must know which of these hosting is best for you, and why you should take this hosting so that there is no mistake when you buy hosting. So, let us know about them.

Shared Hosting

This hosting will be perfect for those who are learning to create a website or blog, or if not many people visit their blog or website.

It is a common form of hosting and can host your website for less money. Different companies on the Internet charge differently for shared hosting.

In shared web hosting, a large server is divided into a small account and multiple websites are hosted in a single server, so if traffic to your site increases a lot (a lot of people visit your website at once). This server cannot handle that traffic.

When large traffic on your website derives it may affect other websites, so the web hosting company down sites your website, so this plan should not be taken at all for those people who have a lot of traffic on their website.

VPS Hosting

This hosting plan will be perfect for those who have thousands of visitors to their website, VPS hosting server is very powerful compared to Shared Hosting, but also your site is hosted with many websites inside a big server.

The cost of VPS hosting is also higher than shared hosting but in this, you are also given more RAM, more storage, Bandwidth, and processor performance so that the server does not get down even if there is more traffic on the website.

Dedicated hosting

In this, you are given the entire server of an entire system, in which only your website is hosted and only you have the rights on that server, this plan is the most expensive.

This server would be very good to take those people whose website is a business website and very famous even if thousands of people visit the website every second, then Dedicated Server can be taken.

Cloud hosting

When we host a website on a server, the location of that server is only in one place, so that a user sitting far away can take some time to access your website.

Suppose if you have taken your India server, then when a user from America, China, and Japan tries to access your website, the site takes a little time to load due to the server being away if the website takes a long time to open. If it is installed then the visitor goes back from your site.

But cloud hosting is a group of servers and there are servers in different places on which the data of your website is saved, so if a visitor to the US visits your website, then it will have to pass the content of your site to the server nearby. And gets your site loaded very quickly.

The speed of your site is very good in cloud hosting, as well as due to having different servers, your site does not have to face any problem even if one server is damaged.

WordPress hosting

This hosting plan is for people whose website or blog is built on WordPress, the server that is found in this hosting plan is exclusively for the website built on WordPress and it is optimized in this way. Which makes the performance of the WordPress website very good.

In this server, you also get good speed and performance, but its plans are slightly more expensive than shared hosting, but some companies offer this plan at a price equal to the shared hosting plan.

Reseller Hosting

This is a very large part of the server which consists of small servers, by purchasing this server, we can resell it to our clients.

Many people who do website design work for others, and sell it by buying Reseller Hosting and making a website for their clients in it at a good price, you can also sell small servers to different people.

Woocommerce Hosting

This hosting is especially for those who create eCommerce websites using Woocommerece Plugin and Theme.

Due to the Woocommerce theme and plugins, the load time of the website is greatly increased and performance is also reduced.

Woocommerce Hosting is optimized in such a way that the performance of your eCommerce website made up of Woocommerce theme and plugin is not reduced and its load time should not be reduced.

Top Web hosting providers

If you want to make a career in blogging, then it is very important for you to choose web hosting properly because the best hosting for a blogger contributes to making his blogging career successful.

Here I will tell you about some of the best hostings for bloggers as well as why you should take this hosting so that you can understand all the things properly.


This company is a trustworthy company and almost all big bloggers ask to take this web hosting. Servers of this company are present in India and America.

If you are completely new to blogging and want to start a blogging career, then it would be perfectly right for you to get the web hosting of this company because its supporting system is very helpful.

This hosting is also suitable for those whose website or blog gets a lot of traffic and who are also making a lot of income.


This is a very popular web hosting company. Successful bloggers definitely recommend this hosting.

If you want good hosting for your website, then you can take it. Bluehost gives good support and a free domain with hosting plans.


It is also a very popular web hosting company and big bloggers and affiliate marketers use this web hosting. If you are thinking of taking hosting an English website then it is the best web hosting company.

This hosting company is at the forefront of all the hosting companies in terms of support and they give an instant response in case of any problem with the website.

WordPress.org also suggests taking Bluehost and Siteground the most, so if your budget is high and you want to invest in web hosting for a long time then you can take the hosting plan of Siteground.


If you are a beginner or have a small website then you should go for Hostinger web hoisting. Hostinger provides good speed, backup, free SSL certificate, and many features with a very reasonable amount.

When to use Web Hosting?

Many people want to make a career in blogging and want to earn money by creating their own blog. But they do not know what hosting they should take, which will take their blogging career forward.

Many people, who do not have much knowledge about hosting, make their own blog after taking any hosting plan and later regret it.

New bloggers who are thinking of making their own blog and if your budget is not high, then there is no need to spend very much money and get very expensive hosting.

You can start your Blogging by taking a shared hosting plan from Hostinger, Hostgator.

After some time when daily 4000 to 10000 visitors start coming to your blog and you start earning a lot of money from your blog, then you can upgrade your web hosting to take a VPS server or Cloud Server.

You can later migrate your website to Siteground or Bluehost. The performance of these hosting providers is trusted and you can run your blog for a long time.

But if your blog becomes very popular and daily millions of visitors start visiting your blog, then maybe you can upgrade the plans of these companies or you can also get a dedicated server.

What are the things to keep in mind before taking hosting?

Some important things are very important to know before taking hosting because choosing the wrong hosting will not be right for your website at all.

Before taking hosting, let us know what to take care of.

  • Before buying hosting from any company, it is very important to see the age of the hosting company is because relying on the new web hosting company and using its hosting can be a risky task.
  • If you do not buy web hosting from a new web hosting company that is not a very popular and real company, then it will be right for you, there is no guarantee of service provided by such companies.
  • Hosting companies provide two types of servers. First Linux server and second Windows server. Windows server is more expensive than Linux whereas Linux is an open-source server and it is cheaper and better than windows.
  • The location of the server matters a lot while buying hosting. If you are a resident of India, then you should take the server of India so that when the visitors of India come to your site then because the server is in India your site is being loaded. it does not take much time.
  • When buying web hosting, it is very important to pay attention to things like good Ram, SSD Disk Space, Cpanel, SSL Certificate, Bandwidth, UPtime, Daily Backup, Email, Monthly visitor, CDN, Website number, etc.
  • Its uptime for a website means a lot. The uptime of a hosting should be at least 99.99%. If you have taken hosting from a company whose server is down then your site or blog ranking will be very low.
  • Cpanel makes it very easy to manage a website, almost all the hosting company offers Cpanel for free, so before taking the hosting, check that you have been given Cpanel for free or not.
  • The higher the RAM and SSD Disk Space of the website, the better it is, it loads your site in a very short time.
  • Support of web hosting company should be very good and it should be 24 × 7 so that whenever there is a problem in your site, you can take help from live support.

Difference between Free vs Paid Hosting

Many people do not know the difference between free hosting and paid to host service and they think that when we are getting free hosting online, why should we pay for hosting or buy hosting?

If you think the same, then let us tell you, there is a big difference between free and paid hosting.

  • If you have a small company or learning web development at the initial stage you can try free web hosting. But after that, you must transfer your website to paid hosting.
  • Some hosting companies offer free hosting services to promote themselves for free and when you host your website on their server, their banners appear below your site which does not contain your control and their free There is publicity.
  • With free hosting, you may have problems with Google ranking.
  • In free web hosting, your site is not secure and due to an attack of a virus, your site can also be hacked while your site is secure in the free.
  • You do not get technical support in free web hosting, so whenever a problem comes to your site or your site is down, that problem will have to be solved by itself.
  • Although you can create your own blog on Blogger.com for free and is also very reliable due to being a Google product, you do not get many customization options or get SEO benefits.

What are the things needed to build a website?

As we have already told you that having a domain and hosting is very important to build a website, but for a complete website, it is also very important to have some other things.

When we connect the domain name to the server of the web hosting company to make the website, our website is created, but this website is just like a vacant land that has been registered and the address will have been found.

But there is neither a house built in it nor any arrangement for sleeping and eating.

The way we think to build our house, what our house will look like and what will be the things in it, similarly, after making a website, we also have to think about how our website will look and what kind of content we will make available in it.

Many people design their website by a designer and upload their file to the server and their favorite website is created, but for this, you have to pay a lot of money to the designer.

If you do not have much money, then you can do this work for free, almost all the web hosting company gives the option of Website Building.

  You can create a website by uploading a file of frameworks like WordPress, Joomla on your server with a single click.

If you create a website with the help of WordPress, then you can create a beautiful website using the Theme and WordPress Plugins, thousands of videos of which you can also find on YouTube, following which you can create a website of your choice very easily.

Conclusion on what is web hosting?

So friends, if you have read this article completely, then you would have known about what is  Web hosting? and when and when you bought it.

Although I have tried to provide all the information, if there is any question left then you can ask us through the comment box, which we will try to answer quickly.

So hopefully you have got the complete information about Web Hosting, so if you like this article and you get to learn something, then share it with your friends who want to do online business.





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